Salmon fishing in the San Juan Islands has some of the most exciting fishing Washington State has to offer.
This is the only spot in the lower 48 states where you will have the opportunity to catch 20-50 pound King Salmon and see the Killer Whales right next to the boat while you are fishing. The best time for this kind of action is during July through October.

While traveling to one of our many favorite fishing spots you will also have another great opportunity to see Porpoise, Seals, Otters, Bald Eagles and many different kinds of sea birds.

Come and join us on the early mooring Bite and fish along side the Orcas greeting you in the early morning dawn, as you wait for the first strike of the mighty King Salmon.

Or for those who like to sleep in, fish the evening tide and hook the bright Silver Salmon as the sun sets around the breath taking San Juan Islands.

Then enjoy a beautiful boat tide home with the moon and the stars guiding us to our home port.

If you are looking for a bottom fishing trip then you should try a Ling Cod / Bottom fishing trip. This trip is a hands on type fishery. Done with light weight fishing gear along with the use of herring this trip offers lots of fast paced exciting pole bending action.You will be fishing in some of the tops spots in the San Juan Islands.

This is a fishing trip that is not like any other in the entire state.

Come see for yourself how to catch some of the best tasting fish in the Puget Sound.

The San Juan Islands are one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. When fishing in the San Juan Islands you can see Orcas, Pacific White Side Porpoise, Eagles and many different kinds of sea birds.

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